Bell Articulated Trucks

Bell D & E Series Articulated Dump Trucks

If you’re looking to deliver more to your bottom line, choose Bell Articulated Dump Trucks.

Get more from your truck.

Bell ADTs handle heaped payloads with faster cycle times and best-in-class fuel efficiency – so you’ll move more material at lower cost. They’re highly reliable too, with high-strength, welded-alloy steel chassis and components that are durable and optimized to reduce unnecessary weight. And with their oscillating frame joint, articulated steering and high-floatation tires, these hard working haulers won’t let wet weather or steep grades dampen your plans.

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Bell ADT

Why Choose a Bell Truck?

  • Efficient viscous direct-drive engine fans in all Bell trucks provide engine and charge-air cooling.
  • Fully enclosed, dual circuit wet disc brakes offer superior braking performance and extended service life essential for wet and muddy conditions. Oil-immersed wet-disc brakes are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Class leading engine braking coupled with automated transmission retardation provides superior braking power and reduces service brake wear.
  • Hydraulic, transmission and transfer case oil coolers employ a hydraulically driven fan that runs only as needed or when engine loading is low, helping conserve power and fuel.
  • The best-in-class payload-to-weight ratio means that more of your fuel cost is spent moving the material, not the machine – decreasing your cost per ton.
  • Intelligent traction control provides superior traction in poor underfoot conditions.
  • Automatic retardation slows the truck when the operator backs off the accelerator pedala – for more confidence on steep grades and enhanced brake life.
  • An industry leading, fully automatic six-speed planetary transmission with torque converter lock up maximizes fuel efficiency.
  • Electronic unit injection fuel system provides high injection pressures even at low engine speed for improved cold starting ability, low-speed response, and reduced emissions.
  • Fully automated controlled traction differentials and transfer case diff-lock provide a traction boost in poor underfoot conditions.

With up-time boosting features, Bell has you covered.

And a combination of an optimally tuned engine and weight optimized complete machine package ensure that Bell ADTs have a minimal carbon footprint.

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